Help us tackle climate change by filling the new OptFor-EU survey on institutional and governance factors for the uptake of policy measures

The new survey launched by the OptFor-EU project aims to gives a comprehensive map of the institutional and governance factors that impact the uptake of climate mitigation strategies.

The aim is to enquire the opinion of different experts on contemporary potential policy barriers and possible solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation at different governance levels in forestry and the timber sector.

We ask experts for their assessment of the framework conditions at the levels of the different expertise (EU, national and/or regional) and leave open answers so that respondents can add where necessary. Regulations, lack of regulations, coordination, communication, bureaucratic hurdles, diversification funding sources: all this can be supportive or hindering factors that we would like to collect through this survey.  

The study help the development of the project in making a significant contribution to future policy efforts for climate-smart innovative development forest, environmental and wood competences.

This survey, available in the different languages of our case studies, is open to: 

  • interest groups (forest owners, forest industry, pulp and paper, etc.) 
  • policy makers and decision takers (national and regional ministries, local and regional administration, partner organisations in Brussels, international organisations) 
  • regional and national consultants,  
  • NGO- representatives,  
  • official representatives from forest agency networks, initiatives, etc.

The deadline to submit your answers is February 20th, 2024.