User adoption – Customization and user involvement strategy

This new report by OptFor-EU discusses the adoption and customization strategy and its implementation, to make the Decision Support System (DSS) ready to be adopted by the target groups. It is divided in two parts: one theoretical (sections 2 and 3), presenting the background for user involvement and adoption processes in systems development projects; the other more practical, with a set of activities that will contribute to development of the front-end of the DSS in the next steps of the project.

In particular, section 2 describes the lean startup methodology and design thinking, as the foundation for co-creation of the DSS. This section describes relevant concepts and steps of user-centered systems development projects. Section 3 focuses on adoption of technological systems and provides a theoretical overview and background for the user involvement plan. Section 4 presents the strategy for user involvement activities in the case studies.  Here we outline user-involvement and adoption activities to be conducted at various stages of the DSS development process. 

This work will be followed by a survey on user adoption, which will inform the policy recommendations that are part of the overall objectives of OptFor-EU.