The Resilient Forests project comes to an end bringing multiple outcomes in the field of biomass production and forestry

After almost five years of experience from the ground, the LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS project, part of OptFor-EU sister projects, came to an end. Several events and activities have been organised across Europe and online. Insightful reports and papers are available on the project’s website, together with Decision Support System Tool for Forest Managers, that you can check below.

Check the results
DSS tool for forest managers
Policy paper
Final report of the activities

In March 2023, partners of the Resilient Forests project gathered for the last time under the framework of the project to draw the conclusions and organise its final event.
This event, titled “Resilient Mediterranean Forests: improving ecosystem services and sustainable management”, saw multilple interventions from Forest experts from the project consortium but also from third parties or other projects.

Download the presentations
Watch the project’s video series

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